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    Call of Duty WWII Trainer

    Sorry to bother you mrantifun, but it is possible to make a trainer version for zombie mode?
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    Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Trainer

    It Work, try disabling your antivirus temporarily. After the download, add the trainer as an exeption, in the end run the anti vir again
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    Total War Warhammer 2 Trainer

    Men, you are incredible. I made a small donation, you deserve it. Thx a lot for your work.
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    Total War Warhammer Trainer

    Skill point work only with lords, not with heroes. Al least, for me
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    Total War Warhammer Trainer

    Man, you are a machine! Thx!
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    Valkyria Chronicles Trainer

    Yep, also here
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    Wings Remastered Edition

    Yeah, me too. Something to boost the initial ability points :)
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    Alien Isolation Trainer

    Man, thanks a lot