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  1. cimerians

    Persona 3 Reload Trainer

    Found it on we mod, thanks for this!
  2. cimerians

    Dragon Age Inquisition Trainer

    Hmm Unlimited Crafting is no more. :( Probably the most handy feature.
  3. cimerians

    Dungeons & Dragons Chronicles of Mystara Trainer

    I can confirm it doesn't work with Tower of Doom but works perfectly with the first game
  4. cimerians

    [REQ] Yakuza 0

  5. cimerians

    Into the Breach Trainer

    Fantastic thanks a lot! ....oops seems like 2. Inf.Power Grid, doesn't work anymore.
  6. cimerians

    [REQ]Gems of war (puzzle game)

    Would be nice for a cheat to get more souls thats pretty much all I want. Would definitely need to go offline first. Banning would happen for sure.
  7. cimerians

    Dragon Dogma Dark Arisen Trainer

    You rock as always. Thanks for the Dragons Dogma trainer.
  8. cimerians

    hotline miami

    +1 Hotline Miami is pretty brutal...we beg Mrantifun....
  9. cimerians

    Dark Souls 2 Trainer

    Just download it at the start of this thread. You don't need a password for the latest trainer (1.07). Just start the game then alt tab back and activate the trainer. Then pick the cheat you want and alt tab back to the game.
  10. cimerians

    Dark Souls 2 Trainer

    I get a " class not registered" error when I run the latest version (doesn't happen on the older trainers but those don't work for me on the newest version of DS2), do I need to do anything in windows like register a dll or something? Hopefully it's not a profile or windows...