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  1. mrlep1

    Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Trainer

    ty for this and im just wondering is there a way to cheat the exp in the colosseum?
  2. mrlep1

    Paint The Town Red Trainer

    this doesn't work for me i have v8.21 64 bit and that's the trainer im using and i follow the instructions but it never activates anything it just does that *ding* sound instead of saying cheat activated
  3. mrlep1

    [REQ]Colony Survival

    i just saw on steam store it's still $20 lol
  4. mrlep1

    [REQ]Colony Survival

    just thought of another feature inf range that way you can get resources without having to be close to them ex: build a huge tower stand on top and be able to cut trees that are suuuper far away)
  5. mrlep1

    [REQ]Colony Survival

    another feature could be instant resource gathering and instant completion of tasks (EX: if you tell your colonist to farm it doesn't take 2 days it's completed instantly the moment you plant it)
  6. mrlep1

    [REQ]Colony Survival

    please make a colony survival trainer Price: $19.99 normally but it's on sale right now for 17.99 Features: Inf health, inf resources, inf colonists health, ETC
  7. mrlep1

    Osiris New Dawn Trainer

    Why did you put don't cry? I was just stating the fact that it only gives 99 points and 1 of the skills cost 100 points.
  8. mrlep1

    Stranded Deep Trainer

    can you make a trainer for V0.31.01 please
  9. mrlep1

    Osiris New Dawn Trainer

    lol 1 of the engineering skills cost 100 skill points but the inf skills only has 99 XD
  10. mrlep1

    [REQ] Formata

    +100000000000 :P
  11. mrlep1

    Bear Simulator Trainer

    for some reason the trainer doesn't open i tried double clicking it and i tried running as admin (with anti virus off)
  12. mrlep1

    Call Of Juarez Gunslinger Trainer

    only inf health, no reload, inf skill points work the rest don't they always do that *ding* sound and never turn on
  13. mrlep1

    Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Trainer

    inf x-ray, add coins, freeze time work but inf health and enemy x-ray 0 doesn't work
  14. mrlep1

    Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Trainer

    awesome trainer :D