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  1. klaaz

    Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor: Martyr! (REQUEST)

    Guys, it's an online/multiplayer game. It's pretty much always online so the trainer won't work. Someone pointed this out on the first page
  2. klaaz

    Distrust Trainer

    Trainer won't activate, I've tried both normal running and running as admin. Nothing works
  3. klaaz

    Dark Souls 3 Trainer

    Except that my issue lies with the new one as well, it won't even activate. EDIT: apparently restarting the game fixes this issue
  4. klaaz

    Dark Souls 3 Trainer

    You aren't dumb, there seems to be an issue with the trainer itself. It was working perfectly fine for me until today. Now the inputs don't activate anything. I can activate the trainer but that's it, nothing else accepts input
  5. klaaz

    Dark Souls 3 Trainer.

    Same issue, only problem being that restarting the trainer doesn't work.
  6. klaaz

    Dark Souls 3 Trainer

    i can't even get the trainer to work now. it was working fine then it stopped. I'll hit the hotkey and then nothing.