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  1. Goaty

    Fallout 4 Trainer

    Yes, the new patch is out, Mr. Antifun, can you update your trainer to work with the newest patch please? It was released on Steam yesterday and the 'Inf Items' option doesn't work anymore, it won't even activate. Also 'Inf Caps' isn't working either.
  2. Goaty

    Starbound Trainer

    Could you please update this trainer to work with the latest game version? There were huge updates to Starbound and Terraria both and we're all hoping you will update your trainers so they work with the newest versions. These are very popular games right now, hope you have time to update the...
  3. Goaty

    Terraria Trainer

    It's a false positive, MAF's trainers are clean. I just have a Trainer folder that I add to the exclusions in my antivirus program. MAF, if you get the time we'd really appreciate an update to this trainer so it will work with the new version of the game. The devs added a whole crap load of...
  4. Goaty

    Metro 2033 Redux Trainer

    Guys the trainer works fine. Yes the F4 doesn't work, but just do the bullet trick as others have said. It works perfect and you will have over 1000 in less than 4 minutes. The rest of the trainer works flawlessly. I've been playing through this amazing game (Steam Version) for the last week...
  5. Goaty

    Grand Theft Auto 5 Trainer

    Well looks like that's just BS as there isn't anything that shows up when I google GTA V Achivement unlocker PC Steam. It's all console crap. Look, I'm sorry you feel the need to defend Mr. Antifun from simple questions, but fact is, the achievements were not blocked until the latest patch while...
  6. Goaty

    Grand Theft Auto 5 Trainer

    Ok well achievements aren't blocked for me anymore, dunno what the problem was, but all is fine now. R* added checks for injected dlls, hashes etc into the latest patch: MemoryRegionCheckFn MemoryRegionCheckDllName MemoryRegionCheckMemoryHash rage::FallbackMachineHashStrategy...
  7. Goaty

    Grand Theft Auto 5 Trainer

    I played for 9hrs straight with the trainer activated yesterday. It doesn't cause any crashes for me. GTAV was crashing so often for me a few days ago that I couldn't even pass a mission. What I did was reinstall the game and removed my personal music from the self radiostation folder. The game...
  8. Goaty

    Grand Theft Auto 5 Trainer

    I'm on the Steam version too and it works just fine for me, been using it for hours without a hitch. Everything is as it should be an I haven't experienced anything at all like you're describing. There is one option that doesn't work in this new +11 version and that is the infinite vehicle...
  9. Goaty

    Grand Theft Auto 5 Trainer

    Guys, check the steam community hub for GTAV and you will see the crashing is a very common issue after they released the patch. It is not at all related to this trainer. Seems aiming while driving is causing the problem for a large portion of players, me included. Play with the trainer off and...
  10. Goaty

    Grand Theft Auto 5 Trainer

    Seriously man? Obviously, no, it doesn't
  11. Goaty

    Grand Theft Auto 5 Trainer

    Thanks soooo much for making this one bro, you're f'n amazing with your trainerfu. Cant wait to see what other options you come up with. Now that I have the game running like it's supposed to, I've really been enjoying myself. Cant get enough of Trevor lol!
  12. Goaty

    [REQ] Dirt 3 Complete Edition (Just released on Steam without GFWL)

    Aww well, pretty stupid they added that. Just wanted to get past the ridiculous gymkhana crap they thought they needed to add to the end of every special tour. I can race my ass off, but gymkhana has turned me away from the game now that I've done all the regular races. Thank you for letting us...
  13. Goaty

    [REQ] Dirt 3 Complete Edition (Just released on Steam without GFWL) The Features that I/We would like are: -Freeze Timer -a button press which gives tons of Gymkhana points -Turbo Boost -Unlimited use of Flashbacks This is one of the best racing games ever, only thing that is bad about it is the Gymkhana. It's...
  14. Goaty

    Dying Light Trainer

    It is not all working fine. The inf durability is completely broken once you actually progress in the game. All melee weapons degrade rapidly and they do not stop degrading at 25% as someone else stated, they completely go to zero. Inf durability worked at the beginning of the game, but now that...
  15. Goaty

    Dying Light Trainer

    Please, update the trainer so that the weapon durability works later on into the game. I'm about 20% done with the story and my weapons become useless so fast it's crazy. For some reason the Weapon Durability just doesn't work for me anymore. Everything else seems to work ok with the latest...
  16. Goaty

    Arma 3 Trainer

    Any chance this trainer will get updated? Arma 3 is still a really popular game. I was wanting to use a trainer for the campaign.
  17. Goaty

    Anno 2070 Trainer

    Hoping for an update to this trainer too. I know a bunch of people, me included, got this game during the steam sale. I have the complete edition with Deep Ocean and other dlc. Could you please update it if you can spare a few minutes?
  18. Goaty

    Far Cry 4 Trainer

    Awesome! Thanks so much, now I can get back to the game :) Love your trainers!!
  19. Goaty

    Far Cry 4 Trainer

    That doesn't work. The trainer won't even activate anymore after the 1.5.0 patch was released. I have the game on uplay, came with my graphics card. The trainer was working great up until the patch was installed, now it doesn't even activate at all. Hope there is an update released soon.
  20. Goaty

    Far Cry 4 Trainer

    Can confirm it does not work with the new patch, I was really enjoying the trainer. Could you please release an updated trainer that is compatible with the new patch MrAntifun?