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  1. B3H3M0T

    Samurai Warriors 4 II Trainer

    run the trainer and see what button you must click on keyboard
  2. B3H3M0T

    Samurai Warriors 4 II Trainer

    there is a way to get ally infinity health for awhile through switch hero. you will use your ally and do some attack till it regen/ full then switch to main hero. lv1 not recomended to enter nightmare mode must lv 16++ to use this trick to lv up fast from 1 to 15++ was use the highest stage...
  3. B3H3M0T

    Samurai Warriors 4 II Trainer

    number 7 wasnt work for me use infinity health and play nghtmare mode on high star stage
  4. B3H3M0T

    Tropico 5 Trainer

    mm what version cheat engine i must use? when i try v6.4 i got a lot of crash, when use 6.3 it still crash but bit long to crash. by the way i use win 7 x64bit, and tropico 5 v1.03, can you ooo forgot to say i play on campaign mode. and each island have their own table i think