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  1. dazric

    RimWorld Trainer

    It's not compatible with the Royalty DLC.
  2. dazric

    The Guild 3 Trainer

    The game updated recently to version 0.8
  3. dazric

    TheHunter Call of the Wild Trainer

    If you pirated it you may have an earlier version than the latest. Try the next latest.
  4. dazric

    RimWorld Trainer

    I don't think there's a 32 bit version of rimworld anymore.
  5. dazric

    RimWorld Trainer

    Just letting everyone know: the trainer seems to interfere with mods that add different types of pawns. So far I've run into the issue with MAIs, android tiers, and vampires.
  6. dazric

    RimWorld Trainer

  7. dazric

    RimWorld Trainer

    Hopefully he'll make a trainer for it when that releases!
  8. dazric

    RimWorld Trainer

    The trainer is out of date, we're waiting for him to update it.
  9. dazric

    RimWorld Trainer

    Oh good, that's one cheat out of the thirteen in the trainer that we may want to use, that definitely replaces it effectively.
  10. dazric

    RimWorld Trainer

    You can use Cheat Engine to keep stats from decreasing? Because I've only ever managed to use it to keep stacks of goods from going down. Please, share this table youu've made!
  11. dazric

    RimWorld Trainer

    I really need this trainer in my life.
  12. dazric

    RimWorld Trainer

    I... why did you quote this?
  13. dazric

    RimWorld Trainer

    This is basically the only thing I'm still waiting on before I dive back into Rimworld. I'm surprised that the mods all updated so much faster!
  14. dazric

    Crush Crush Trainer

    No longer functional, please, update it when you have the time.
  15. dazric

    Kingdom Come Deliverance Trainer

    There's been two major updates.
  16. dazric

    Expeditions Viking Trainer

    An update would be nice.
  17. dazric

    Sleeping Dogs Trainer

    I need a way to reset the statues found so far.
  18. dazric

    Far Cry 4 Trainer

    Please update the trainer.
  19. dazric

    [REQ]King of Dragon Pass

    I'm throwing in a request for this trainer, specifically the steam version.
  20. dazric

    Iam Bread Trainer

    All three trainers appear to be non-functional.