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  1. Jorek

    Battle Brothers Trainer

    Heeeeelp! xD
  2. Jorek

    Battle Brothers Trainer

    Needs an update! Please!
  3. Jorek

    Out There Omega Trainer

    Doesnt work for me either..
  4. Jorek

    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Trainer

    I'm having trouble activating the trainer with "f1", it just makes the "cling" sounds, anhd nothing happens.. Any ideas?
  5. Jorek

    Total War Attila Trainer

    Fast cunstruction and reqruitement doesn't work! Maybe the trainer needs a little update?
  6. Jorek

    Total War Attila

    Good work! I appreciate it alot!
  7. Jorek

    Kerbal Space Program

    Hey! Big fan of your work! Could you make a trainer for "Kerbal Space Program"? It should be easy, as it uses values like cash, science points and so on.
  8. Jorek

    Company Of Heroes 2 trainer

    What should I do with the DLL files? Just put them in the game directory?
  9. Jorek

    Company Of Heroes 2 trainer

    I would love an update for this as well! The current version doesnt work, unfortunately..
  10. Jorek

    This War of Mine

    Check that. I have tried with art-money as well, but the game freezes