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  1. Skillzofrenik

    Sleeping Dogs Trainer

    Your suggestion worked!:) Thanks a ton! :D
  2. Skillzofrenik

    Sleeping Dogs Trainer

    Yeah the antivirus is off. Getting this message when I open the extracted Trainer... "An unhandled exception occured at $004095AA:EOutOfMemory:Out of memory $004095AA $004098F9" Not sure what that means (if anything) but the other Trainers are fine.
  3. Skillzofrenik

    Sleeping Dogs Trainer

    The extraction of the trainer doesn't open. It crashes for some reason.
  4. Skillzofrenik

    Sleeping Dogs Trainer

    Doesn't work. Not opening properly...
  5. Skillzofrenik

    Just Cause 2 Trainer

    Superb. Works great :D
  6. Skillzofrenik

    Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition Trainer

    Works great! Thanks! :D
  7. Skillzofrenik

    Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Trainer

    No joy with this Trainer but thanks still... Will keep trying.
  8. Skillzofrenik

    Assassin Creed Liberation HD Trainer

    Seems to be working but I'm having issues with minimizing the screen to access the Trainer. Alt + Enter fails. Anyway the Trainer seems fine. Thanks again.
  9. Skillzofrenik

    Assassin Creed Liberation HD Trainer

    Thanks for the info. Appreciate it.
  10. Skillzofrenik

    Assassin Creed Liberation HD Trainer

    I'm a rookie with the 'trainer' thing so don't blast me if this is a dumb question but will this work with a nosTEAM downloaded game?:confused:
  11. Skillzofrenik

    State of Decay Trainer

    Ok I stumbled onto this by pure chance and got the 'lifeline' trainer. Changed my world bro. Cheers!:cool: