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  1. Mafu

    Assassin's Creed Valhalla Trainer

    I wish there was an option to instantly win dice games. They're so annoying. Maybe that could be included in an update? :)
  2. Mafu

    BorderLands Trainer

    Hey, guys. Come to this link to help me with the trainer update request. I hope MAF notices it and updates this trainer. :D
  3. Mafu


    I will try to make this thread as respectful to the rules set by Kalas as possible. Should anything I wrote is mistaken, it would be great if you (the reader) could let me know. Trainer Name: BorderLands Trainer. Platform: Steam. Version: Features Not Working: Infinite Health sets both...
  4. Mafu

    BorderLands Trainer

    Unfortunately, this trainer is not working with the Steam version. An update would be much appreciated.
  5. Mafu

    (REQ) Two Worlds II ( with DLC: Call of the Tenebrae)

    +1. This trainer needs to happen. :D
  6. Mafu

    Request : The Saboteur v1.3

    It's a great game. It would be pretty neat to have a trainer for it. +1
  7. Mafu

    [REQ]Rage (New Version)

    +1 It would be awesome.