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  1. pet29

    Shadows Heretic Kingdoms

    i would be nice if u could make a trainer on this game of course when you get the time Thank You
  2. pet29

    Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 2 Retribution Trainer

    the answer is yes and no if the trainer uses AOB scan and if the location of the AOB is changed on the new update of the game than the trainer will never work and if the trainer don't uses AOB scan than your game version must be the same as the trainer so your game version is v3.14.2.5986 and...
  3. pet29

    Dark Souls 2 Trainer

    use Hex:D or search the net you will find lots of tools do to that
  4. pet29

    EARTH 2160

    is there any hope for this game i only need God Mode for the player any version will do thanks
  5. pet29

    Contagion Trainer

  6. pet29

    Crysis 3 Trainer

    copy, paste the password is working flawless for me and the trainer too thanks
  7. pet29

    Dark Souls 2 Trainer

    that's why most gamers around the globe plays this game:)
  8. pet29

    Warhammer 40k Kill Team Trainer

    yes this is the problem with Cheat Engine's build in trainers must run the game first and than the trainer i have come across some games when you alt-tab the game crushes/freezes very annoying tho
  9. pet29

    Gears Of War Trainer

    this mod works flawless thanks a lot "somethingelse66" you rocks;) right now i am having a blast with the game and mod:D here is the video it works 100%
  10. pet29

    Gears Of War Trainer

    i am very interested thanks
  11. pet29

    Cheat Engine Tutorials

    what about Cheat Engine Tutorials i have seen lots of gamers like to learn how trainers are made but lots of them seems confused i thought it will be nice to add a section on Cheat Engine Tutorials. just a thought tho
  12. pet29

    Adfly Every Page.

    love to give something to coz it has given me so much but sadly i cant do online with $$$$ i have my own reasons just love doing it the oldschool way but i think thats out of the question maybe some other time for now i am cool with adfly and lots of ads on this site:) at least i...
  13. pet29

    Assassin's Creed Movie =D

    hope this one will not be just another game based movie lots of game based movies are not that good accept Hitman, Resident Evil and Prince of Persia for me tho
  14. pet29

    Kingdoms of amalur heartcore mod

    why do you want to make your own trainer where there are lots of trainers out there i have used some trainers for this game and worked fine why not just use those trainers any special reason oh!! forgot what is ysa mod
  15. pet29

    cheat engine pointer scan

    this is gr8 info but one problem for his tuts is he uses Assault Cube game for his tuts and AC is very easy to hack and it is open source too the only thing i learned from his tut is how to find xyz cord of a player to make a super jump etc and no recoil those were the holy grail:) in game...
  16. pet29

    Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 2 Retribution Trainer

    why on hell some people are trying to use cheats/trainers for online games to make online trainers you have to hack the server coz all the players like health/res etc are stored on the other side of the server not on local pc
  17. pet29

    Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising Trainer

    this is nice thanks hope this trainer is Chaos Rising not Winter Assault
  18. pet29

    Gears Of War Trainer

    i have tried to hack this game but WOW!! no way man one of the hard coded game ever thats why you wont see lots of trainers for this game i have tested some trainers but not so efficient sorry mate:(