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  1. Gen. Sito

    Pathfinder: Kingmakter - 1.1.6d Update Request

    Title: Pathfinder: Kingmakter Trainer Name: PathFinder Kingmaker V1.1.4b Trainer +8 MrAntiFun.exe Platform: Steam Version: 1.1.6d Features Not Working: Whenever I activate a cheat, the game crashes alongside the trainer, I have tried making new games, using saves games, etc. but the game kept...
  2. Gen. Sito


  3. Gen. Sito

    Rimworld Trainer Update - 0.17.1557

    Title: Rimworld Trainer Name: RimWorld V0.17.1546 Trainer +13 MrAntiFun Platform: Steam. Version: 0.17.1557 Features Not Working: Max Research Add Items
  4. Gen. Sito

    RimWorld Trainer

    The Max research still does not work, when activated my whole research tab goes blank. Can this be fixed?
  5. Gen. Sito

    Force of Nature

    Please read the rules of requesting a updated game next time. And update this request.
  6. Gen. Sito


    There's more stuff not working for me. Update! +1
  7. Gen. Sito

    Stellaris Trainer

    We need a 1.6 update!
  8. Gen. Sito

    [REQ] Void Destroyer 2

    Platform: Steam - Product price: 14.99 Features: Infinite Health, Infinite Money, Free Upgrades, Infite Afterburner, Insta Kill or Max damage, etc. Void Destroyer 2 is inspired by classic sandbox games, but is also a response to them...
  9. Gen. Sito

    Factorio Trainer

    We need a 0.14.9 version update please!
  10. Gen. Sito

    Hearts of Iron IV Trainer

    We really need this update!
  11. Gen. Sito

    Sheltered Trainer

    I already tried, it still won't work.
  12. Gen. Sito

    Sheltered Trainer

    The Free upgrade is very buggy and did not work for me, i followed the instructions you gave us but it does not work.
  13. Gen. Sito

    Sheltered Trainer

    No not yet.
  14. Gen. Sito

    Sheltered Trainer

    The wait for the update is killing me!
  15. Gen. Sito

    Sheltered Trainer

  16. Gen. Sito

    [REQ]Istrolid trainer

    If possible the following features could come in handy: Unlimited money God mode Insta Kill Campaign unlocked or Instant mission Win Destroy ALL enemies with a press of a button These should suffice for now, Thanks for letting us know this thread is being watched! Kind Regads, ~Gen. Sito
  17. Gen. Sito

    Anno 2205 Trainer

    I did, i am using the latest version and i am running it on Admin. But it doesn't work like i said before.
  18. Gen. Sito

    Anno 2205 Trainer

    Hey, i use the v1.02 trainer and when i launch it, activate it, everything besides the "Inf. Resources" Work, but the only one i need is "Inf. Resources" ^^, Anyway to fix this?