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  1. John Arable

    Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion Trainer

    Unable to see the trainer for whatever weird reason.
  2. John Arable

    Ravenfield Trainer

  3. John Arable

    Ravenfield Trainer

    Update for Beta 6/Early Access Build 1?
  4. John Arable

    Sword With Sauce

  5. John Arable

    Ravenfield Trainer

  6. John Arable

    Clustertruck Trainer

    Damn, you're fast!
  7. John Arable

    Empire Total War Trainer

    1 turn recruitment broken.
  8. John Arable

    paint the town red

  9. John Arable

    Executive Assault Trainer

    We need inf Heskosium.
  10. John Arable

    Pixel Piracy Trainer

    We need trainer update!
  11. John Arable

    [REQ]Red Faction: Armageddon(steam version)

    Already done, I think.
  12. John Arable

    [REQ]Lakeview Cabin Collection Trainer Requested hax: Inf HP Inf bullets and ammo for other stuff like fire extingluisher Creatures dont spawn Faster moving speed Freeze time
  13. John Arable

    Idea: Trainers that make games harder, like Anti-Trainers

    Just a little idea. You could make what I would call Anti-Trainers or Difficulty Trainers that increase game difficulty to try and add a challenge for the player to complete, EX: FNAF: Animatronics are more agressive, Slower nights, etc. Just a nice idea. Go and give it a shot!
  14. John Arable

    Five nights at freddys 3

    Yup. It is out. 1. Freeze animatronics 2. No system errors 3. Disable jumpscares.
  15. John Arable

    Caribbean! Trainer

    Cash ha ck is broken!