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    The Long Dark Trainer

    Well that's just uncalled for... As for the trainer, i had it almost all working on the latest build, with a few exceptions. In "Story Mode" I tested it. In the Cave @ the start. [i will try out survival now] report back. God Mode: works, i fell off the cliff next to the cave, walked away...
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    Dragon Age Origins trainer

    Bump + 1 Would love a trainer for this, if you get the time
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    Frozen State Trainer

    Yeah they did a lot of changes a while back, and the trainer stopped working. thats why we are waiting to see if he adds a updated one.
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    zombie driver hd

    +1 would be great, so many scam trainers out there.
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    Frozen State Trainer

    Happy New Year Everyone! And you to MRAntiFun maybe take a peek at this game for an update? it would be awesome!
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    Frozen State Trainer

    Could we get an update to V0.080 Build 64, it don't work now :(
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    Arma 3 Trainer

    Hey, can we get an update on the trainer when you can. It's not working since that big update. Also thanks!
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    7 Days To Die Trainer

    How? i tried 4 times, it always crashes soon after it "dings" and turns on.
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    7 Days To Die Trainer

    Need a update for Alpha 10.3(bl2), when ever you can. F1 activates, but soon after it crashes the game lol.
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    Req - TUG Trainer

    Hey Mrantifun, i know you are busy. But if you get some free time can you make a Trainer for TUG. It's fairly new Game: Tug Mode: Single-player Version: Alpha V0.6.5 64-bit Store Page: Trainer: Infinite HP Infinity Energy + Thanks!
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    The Long Dark Trainer

    New Version: Alpha V.164 Any chance we can get an update? Options #F8 Inf.Weight #F9 Inf.Items #F10 ...Fly? Locks it up completely lol Don't work now, it dings but don't activate. The rest work fine :)
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    7 Days To Die Trainer

    Hey thanks for the update you rock! Works great, had trouble with the item spawner but worked after i opened the character menu :) @ Make sure it's Single Player, run as Admin + Validate your Game Cache, it works for me no issues. Some times game will bug out, but re-validating the cache...
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    Darkout Trainer, Possible?

    Can you make a Darkout Trainer please MrAntiFun :) I have been searching all over seems the only site that has one is CH, but it costs money. [Insane Amount] I tried CheatEngine, but it always comes up with 0 results, on everything.... even "String" * Infinite HP * Infinite Ammo But thanks...
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    Deadlight Trainer Needed

    I second that, great game. on my 2'nd play-though, a trainer would be bad-ass.
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    Dead Rising 3 Trainer

    Awesome job as always, is there any chance you can add * Infinite Vehicle Health/Durability * Infinite Grenades/TnT
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    The Forest Trainer

    Yeah it don't work on V8, any chance of an update? I cant get it to even activate now, running as admin.
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    Duke Nukem Forever Trainer

    Any chance of getting it updated to V13? Oh and thanks mate, great work as always :)
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    Unturned Trainer

    Sweet trainer man good job, only option not working for me is F6 says "activated but nothing" but rest rock! hey, would it be possible to add a [Equipped weapon, infinite ammo]?
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    Unturned Request

    Trainer would be nice, sprint, thirst, hunger, health Single Player or Hosting only.
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    Request : Project zomboid

    Yeah defiantly need a trainer for it, hopefully a 32Bit one.