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    Railway Empire Trainer

    It seems infinite money is not working for me, I have all the DLCs up to Germany and the game version is 1.8.0-23718NA. Just pressing F1 says cheat activated but not working, I also clicked on 'show game editor' and set value to the max and activate F1 , still not working. Could someone help me...
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    Mashinky Trainer

    Thank you for the trainer sir, but on my Windows 10 it is not working. I just downloaded Mashinky on Steam, however I do not know how to find out which version the game is. I cant see the version number anywhere. Also, my Win 10 defender is off as I have Kaspersky and it turns defender off by...
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    Mashinky! (REQUEST)

    Please make a trainer, Mr AntiFun sir.
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    Tyranny Trainer

    Sir, could you please update the trainer?
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    [REQ] Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages Sorry, I don't know the price in dollars, about $5 I think. Money cheat probably will be good. Haven't played the game yet, waiting for a good trainer.
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    Turmoil Trainer

    I think it is v 1.0 now. Could you please update the trainer please?
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    [REQ]TASTEE Lethal Tactics

    Please do make a trainer for this game.:)
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    A couple of pics I drew from scratch.

    This is the first pic I ever drew, only the background city has been borrowed from a pic of New York I think, the rest has been created from scratch by drawing with photoshop brush. Hope you like this one atleast. It was drawn as my work for my final exam for adobe photoshop 5.5 course. I drew...
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    A couple of pics I drew from scratch.

    This is supposed to be an eagle, could you tell? :p
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    A couple of pics I drew from scratch.

    This is a pic I drew looking at a Batman comic, it is so terrible, so unlike the original fantastic work.
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    Heroes of Might and Magic 6

    Could you please make a might and magic heroes vi complete edition version 2.1.1 trainer please?
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    Might and Magic X Legacy Trainer

    Sir, sorry for bumping this thread again, but I'd really like to know if a re-worked trainer would be available soon please. I know you probably have a lot of games to make trainers for, and I am not averse to waiting, it's just that an affirmation that a working trainer would be posted sometime...
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    Might and Magic X Legacy Trainer

    Just bumping up the thread to remind MrAntiFun of the game and its problematic trainer. Hopefully, a new trainer is being perpared *touch wood*
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    Lets give our Congrats....

    Thank you sir, for making these trainers, and for giving them to folks for free. I use a few of your trainers and they are all good, except for one which I think needs a bit of tweaking. Thanks again.
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    Might & Magic X Legacy Trainer

    Well I assume you are really busy sir, but please dont forget this trainer. I beg you to have a look at the trainer .
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    Might & Magic X Legacy Trainer

    Just bumping up the thread just in case Mr.AntiFun forgot all about this. (Sorry!!)
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    Might and Magic X Legacy Trainer

    Sir, Sorry for annoying you, just wanted to remind you about the Might and Magic X Legacy V1.5.16336 Trainer +6 which has a problem. Could you please somehow stop the enemy from regenerating health sir?
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    Might & Magic X Legacy Trainer

    Kindly forgive me for posting again, am not trying to spam, but think I have some further info. I deleted the previous save games and started the game again from the beginning and the trainer worked perfectly fine in the spider lair, defeated all the spiders in there without any problem but then...
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    Might & Magic X Legacy Trainer

    Game version: Original DVD retail, 1.5.16336 version (not pirated in any way ) Trainer:Might and Magic X Legacy V1.5.16336 Trainer +6 MrAntiFun Only tried the inf health and inf mana options, am now in the spider lair at the beginning of the game, battling a giant spider and with inf health...