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    Alien Rage Trainer

    compatibility windows 7 works win 10 here. had to mute with the mixer. somethings wrong. it works on enemies but not a boss. the health meter disappears and turns into a sponge. feels like ss3.
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    Rise of the Triad Trainer

    thank you -- out of memory error 32gb im at about 46% before w/ high read/write going on so idk if thats anything to do with it. van helsing and homefront works, any help is nice thanks tried 32 that works sry no glasses
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    Serious Sam 3 BFE Trainer

    i was playing with only inf ammo and it was working just fine then in the next level i couldn't pick up any health packs, it said health was full when it wasn't, and then the invincible scorpion appeared. Also I couldn't get to the next stage in the level for some reason, it kept saying the door...