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    Even Pepperidge farm doesn't remember when MAF had trainers for new games ready to go on launch day, or soon after. Now we have to PAY REAL BLOODY MONEY TO VOTE ON WHAT TRAINER SHOULD BE MADE NEXT IN WEMODS! Funny how you always had eff CH in your trainers because they were dbags that charged...
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    Just Cause 4 Trainer

    Can't find your trainer on wemod.. can't download older versions of it from your site.. What a complete joke this is selling your site to wemods.
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    I've been a member since 2014 and don't have permission.. I'm guessing you have to be a paid member to use that feature.
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    Thief Simulator Trainer

    Maybe you should actually buy the game instead of advertising that you're using a pirated copy.
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    Space Engineers Trainer

    Totally forgot, Alt-F10 brings up a menu to give god mode, or switch to creative. No need for a trainer.
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    Subnautica: Below Zero

    I hope we can get one, though it should be as simple as changing what game the trainer looks for, since it's exactly the same.
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    Scum Trainer

    No, the game was updated to a new version. The anti-cheat is only applied to online servers.
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    Scum Trainer

    Anti-Cheat is applied to servers, not to single player. If you're trying to be a cheating scumbag in MP, you deserve a ban. As for the trainer not working, games been updated, give MAF a bit of time to update the version.
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    Scum Trainer

    Sure we will, the game still has an SP mode that can be played offline. If you're a dirty cheat trying to hack in MP games you deserve a ban, but those anti cheats won't have any effect on SP.
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    Scum Trainer

    Works perfectly fine. Only issue I found is Mechs will still kill you, guess they do more than 83% damage with a single shot, so it's just insta death.
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    Scum Trainer

    Literally no one cares, keep it on topic please.
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    Scum Trainer

    Are you trying to cheat online with it?
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    So you don't donate to him to help him out with all of the hard work he does?
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    Yeah, a lot of people are saying they are having issues with the values on health not locking. Really makes me wonder if the one on CH really works or not. Usually MAF is on top of it like white on rice on a paper plate in a snowstorm. Though a progress report would be sort of nice.
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    Odds are it will since the game currently has no anti-cheat. Though I hope he can make it so it doesn't. if you want to ruin your own SP game, go for it, don't be a shitter and ruin the game for everyone else in MP. if you do, I hope you get a VAC ban and have your steam account closed.
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    Any word on the progress? I know CH has one up, but I am in no way interested in ever supporting those clowns.
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    Bus Simulator 18

    Table for money is nice, but the trailer for exp would be better.
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    BattleTech Trainer

    Don't really need more than the +1. You can use CheatEngine to edit your money, simply change it to look for 8bit values, and with MAFs infinite health, you don't need to worry about heat, you simply run up and punch them to ditch some heat.
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    Far Cry 5 Trainer

    Should go and donate to SunBeam, without his workaround, we wouldn't have the trainer.
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    Far Cry 5 TRAINER.

    You can't disable Easy Anti Cheat in FC5 like you could Watch Dogs 2, odds are MAF is going to have a hard time with this one, its stupid that they want you to spend money on micro transactions for single player.