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    [Request] Blitzkrieg 3

    this new mode of blitzkrieg 3 offline need trainer
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    [REQ] Blitzkrieg 3

    Blitzkrieg 3 is not offline, not server based. Make a trainer please?!
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    Killer Instinct Trainer

    This works to this day! Thank you!
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    Redout Enhanced Edition Trainer

    yes can we get an update to this beautiful game?
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    Hard Reset Trainer

    can we have an update for this game? I suck so bad at it, even at easy setting i die.
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    Assassins Creed Syndicate Trainer

    I wrote there too, the wemod trainer is half-axxed and not working correctly. press f1 unlimited health nothing happens. press f2 game quits immedieately. try again this time press f1 nothing happens, again f1 nothing, f1 health cheat works, until switch to other character, then doesnt work...
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    Assassins Creed Syndicate Trainer

    Nope. No working *****. WEmod killed the trainer scene.
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    Grand Theft Auto IV Trainer

    Need update! for 1.5 months no working trainer! Please update trainer!
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    Assassins Creed Syndicate 1.51 Uplay and Trainer

    no working version for syndicate, old 1.51 crash to desktop
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    BorderLands The Pre-Sequel Trainer

    is there working epic version trainer? this one crashes my game.
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    Sid Meier Civilization VI Trainer

    i started dx 11 game, alt tab press play and it works.
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    Sid Meier Civilization VI Trainer

    Thanks for the epic version trainer! released today on wemod.
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    Sid Meier Civilization VI Trainer

    They show the date of release of trainer. Usually you can figure out the version by the date, since trainer is soon released after new version. (for popular games)
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    Sid Meier Civilization VI Trainer

    Bad joke.
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    Sid Meier Civilization VI Trainer

    Literally read back 3 ******* comments.
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    Just like that wemod won't install anymore

    remove C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\WeMod folder also make sure nothing is using it or running in task manager.
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    [REQ] Blitzkrieg 3

    is purely online, there will never be a trainer, no matter how much we want it..
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    Sid Meier Civilization VI Trainer

    did, and there's enough requests to pass the quota
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    Sid Meier Civilization VI Trainer

    Needs an epic version release.
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    I see its rejected sayin its fully online. I check, It has single player. Can we have trainer?