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    Stranded Deep Trainer

    I can vouch for the latest version of the game working on 64Bit. Also I'm not even having issues with F10. If you wait till you use item a bit then hit F10 it works perfectly, or least it is for me. I am running Windows 8.1 Pro 64Bit right now.
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    Why I won’t upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 (but Windows 8)Someones Opinion

    I personally wish they had just stuck with Windows XP, then again after some work fixing Windows 7 I liked it as well. Will I upgrade to 10? Its possible, but it will not be until its worked out most of its bugs & glitches but knowing Microsoft they will just abandon it like all the others each...
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    Can't run Trainers! help ASAP

    I was going to say screen shots go a long way when asking for help.
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    steam refunds

    I know for a fact this isn't true... I have had a few games I hated, and tried to get removed from my account which is why I have more then 250+ games that I never play most of which I paid full price for. Some things they will refund, but not all, and not for just any reason.
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    Helpppppp my use trainer singlepalyer

    My advice would be to avoid using trainers or hex editors in any VAC related games. Then your pretty much worry free unless you trying to cheat in mutiplayer games, then you risk being banned by those game servers & companies.
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    guide trainer use anti ban single player

    Bro there is no way to be banned from using trainers from here or any where else unless your using multiplayer trainers or game mods not allowed by steam. I use CheatEngine, and T Search quite often with Steam & have never had any issues with them. Been with steam since 2007, and I am a cheating...
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    Can anyone help me with my minecraft?

    Sta2109, I think that Kalas is trying to say they do not offer such help here for anything other then the game trainers they offer here. Might be wise, not to follow this out any further. SuperMan003, You can post any concerns or questions you have on the Minecraft site at the following...
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    Odd... Not sure if it's me or not.

    What game trainers have you tried to unzip? Tell me so I can go download them, and tell you if I get the same errors. If not its a system issue, not a trainer issue. Also if you could be nice enough to post a screen shot of the errors your getting when you try to extract them. I suggest...
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    Trainers kill my PC ;(

    Its is highly unlikely you got the problems from any of the trainers on this site. Its more likely that you have clicked bad links on other sites, you surf to many **** sites, or you got something from an email. I have used quite a few trainers on this site, non of which contain any virues...
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    windows 10 just a heads up

    Windows 10 from my personal experience with it sucks! I hate it more then 8, & 8.1. I have the free version of it which was released to the public as Windows 10 Enterprise Edition 64Bit. Yes of course when a new OS is released, even more so by Microsoft it sucks at life! Windows 10 is another...