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    Mount And Blade Warband Trainer

    hey mrantifun, could you consider creating a clash of kings version of the trainer? if you have the time and would want to work on it i think me and a bunch of other people would really appreciate it, thank you. :>
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    XCOM Enemy Within Trainer

    One issue, the MEC Soldiers are not affected by health or movement,
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    From the Depths

    Please make this! +1
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    From The Depth

    Unlimited resources and money would be awesome if you can please.
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    Sid Meier Civilization 5 Trainer

    please we need this new trainer update soon if you can
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    Sid Meier Civilization 5 Trainer

    Please update...
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    Five Night's at Freddy's 3

    It'd be awesome if you could make a trainer for this soon. Cheats: - No system fail - Speed up nights
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    Civ 5 Trainer in Need of update

    There was a new civ patch, can you update the trainer? Also it crashes alot even without the new patch. New game version is Sid Civilization 5 Brave New World V I'm using the steam version, everyone is probably using it as well. Thanks for your time, and please if you can do it quick...
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    Company Of Heroes New Steam Trainer

    Infinite population please :)