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    Kingdom Come Deliverance Trainer

    Infinite health, stamina and 0 weight still works on 1.2 Energy and infinite items doesn't. Cheers.
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    D4 Dark Dreams Dont Die Trainer

    Thanks man, you work really fast. Just infinite vision and stamina should do great for me, feel like you can miss a lot of stuff without these in the game.
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    Hatred Trainer

    This game makes me laugh so badly, not because of the massacre, but for the character's quotes, he is REALLY ******* mad haha
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    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Trainer

    When using the inf durability cheat my pants go to 50% durability. Thanks for the trainer MAF!! Also, is there anyway to change keys? with F5 You save the game and I don't want infinite adrenaline, plus the sound becomes annoying when saving a lot of times
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    Witcher 3 Trainer

    Yeah, the cost of stuff is too expensive, I didn't want to but I had to use Cheat Engine to get me 100 gold that I needed to fix everything up. You need like 10 gold to fix a 10% of the armor (for example) I got to the point of being with 14 gold. You sell swords for 5 gold and you buy them at...
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    State Of Decay Year One Trainer

    I pretty much think you don't need the supplies one guys. I think he solved it (I don't know because I didn't download the new trainer since I don't want the resources) but if you're crashing because of it don't use it, there's plenty of resources almost everywhere and with infinite ammo and...
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    State Of Decay Year One Trainer

    Thanks so much man, you're great at this. Not one single trainer from you has given me problems.