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  1. Blazekingz

    Is Someone a Designer?

    If you still need one
  2. Blazekingz

    My Time At Portia Trainer

    yea the quickbar max stack is why i use the trainer and the 2.0 version doesnt work
  3. Blazekingz

    Account reset?

    So i dont know what happened but i just noticed that my avatar was reset to the default. I thought it was wierd, so i just selected another avatar. But then i looked at my profile and discovered that all my posts have disapeared. Its as if this is a brand new account even though ive been on this...
  4. Blazekingz

    Sid Meier Civilization 5 Trainer

    No they dont, its a false positive cause they acess and edit other files to make the cheats happen.