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  1. Grynn Reaper

    Shortest Trip to Earth Trainer

    How does unlimited ship hitpoints work for "shortest trip to earth" ? it just keep toggling itself off and does nothing
  2. Grynn Reaper

    Space Haven Alpha - Easy start mod!

    how do you start this in windows 7 or is this just for mac?
  3. Grynn Reaper

    Stranded Deep Trainer

    WeMod trainer seems to make me sink like a stone. Activated the regular options, health, food water breath etc. only had a flashlight on me, sank like i had lead boots on
  4. Grynn Reaper

    Star Command Galaxies

  5. Grynn Reaper

    Sheltered Trainer

    everything works, but after a bit everyone stops moving and you can't play anymore
  6. Grynn Reaper

    Astroneer Trainer

    at first it all worked if in a slightly buggy way, inf ox would bug some cannisters and brick your chem lab if it was on, but now, with no changes to my game, inf ox just gets a beep and won't even turn on
  7. Grynn Reaper

    Astroneer Trainer

    Trainer not work on Exotic?
  8. Grynn Reaper

    Astroneer Trainer

    Yeah it happened to me too, i got a hole i dumped the chem lab into along with all the other crap i can't get rid of. Chem lab is expensive to replace.
  9. Grynn Reaper

    Star Control Origins Trainer

    No the health cheat is straight up not working, you get hit, crew die, run out of crew and boom
  10. Grynn Reaper

    Star Control Origins Trainer

    Yeah the health cheat for the lander and the ship stops working if you take enough damage, those little green crew dots run out real fast against the Harmony fleet
  11. Grynn Reaper

    Star Control Origins Trainer

    yeah as soon as all the crew dies ship boom
  12. Grynn Reaper

    My Time At Portia Trainer

  13. Grynn Reaper

    BattleTech Trainer

    heat cheat stopped working for some reason
  14. Grynn Reaper

    BattleTech Trainer

    Woooo I helped test it!
  15. Grynn Reaper

    Shadowrun Hong Kong Trainer

    anyone know the museum terminal password ? has something to do with a painting titles The Lady of Shalott / 1888