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  1. liuzhon4

    Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun Trainer

    it will be very nice to add infinite ammo option. but the trainer is awesome already!!!
  2. liuzhon4

    Devil May Cry 5 Trainer

    thanks MAF! you are the best!
  3. liuzhon4

    Dead Cells Trainer

    hello MAF, can you update the trainer? The official version is released.
  4. liuzhon4

    Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Trainer

    Hi MAF, could you find some time and update the trainer? thanks!
  5. liuzhon4

    The Evil Within Trainer

    the infinite health and inf upgrade points is not working (base game, not DLC). Please update! Thanks for your help!!!
  6. liuzhon4

    Agents of Mayhem Trainer

    Yes. It is not working. Please update the trainer! Thanks MAF!!!
  7. liuzhon4

    Titanfall 2 Trainer

    Will test it tmr. Thanks for you help MAF!
  8. liuzhon4

    Oxygen Not Included Trainer

    Can you update the trainer MAF?
  9. liuzhon4

    Dead Cells Trainer

    Hello MAF, if inf. Health is opened, the boss also have the same effect. Can you fix that?
  10. liuzhon4

    Mass Effect Andromeda Trainer

    Thanks Mr ATF! u r the best!
  11. liuzhon4

    Sniper Elite 4 Trainer

    Thanks! its better if we can have stealth mode!
  12. liuzhon4

    Starcraft 2 Legacy of the void Trainer

    Thank for your help!
  13. liuzhon4

    Rise of the Tomb Raider Trainer

    seems like not working on the new update. Can you find some time to update it? Thanks
  14. liuzhon4

    Titanfall 2 Trainer

    No. All trainers from MAF only work offline
  15. liuzhon4

    Dishonored 2 Trainer

    nice! thanks MAF!
  16. liuzhon4

    Titanfall 2 Trainer

    just tried the trainer. I am having the same issue here.
  17. liuzhon4

    Titanfall 2 Trainer

    Thank you so much for your fix!!!!
  18. liuzhon4

    Titanfall 2 Trainer

    I keep receiving the error mp/_titan_transfer.nut#190 Server 200 is greater than the weapon`s max clip size 3 are there any way to fix that?
  19. liuzhon4

    Titanfall 2 Trainer

    Hi Mrantifun, the gun "L-STAR" cannot use unlimited ammo. But I am grateful you finish the trainer right after the game is out.