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  1. ExtremeTea

    [REQ]Märchen Forest: Mylne and the Forest Gift Inf Health Inf Food Inf Usable Items Inf Acorns
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    Moero Chronicle Trainer

    I believe it needs and update.
  3. ExtremeTea

    Raft Trainer

    Just now needs another update, thought I just didn't download the right now.
  4. ExtremeTea

    Harvest Moon Light of Hope Trainer

    Did you try turning off a virus software?
  5. ExtremeTea

    Harvest Moon Light of Hope Trainer

    Just run it
  6. ExtremeTea

    Harvest Moon Light of Hope Trainer

    Woo, Good job. Mate
  7. ExtremeTea

    Harvest Moon Light of Hope Trainer

    Also easy crafting
  8. ExtremeTea

    Harvest Moon Light of Hope Trainer

    Needs update, and possible adding affection max.
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    Dungeon Girl Trainer

  10. ExtremeTea

    Portal Knights Trainer

    Maybe the trainer needs to be updated instead of having a a bug. oopsie doo
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    Portal Knights

    I am not sure if this is a problem but every time I level up the health gets lower and lower when I use the inf Health. Version Trainer: Portal Knights V1.3.0 Trainer +4 Also the first couple cheats are all mashed together, which doesn't bother me just a note to put in.
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    [REQUEST] Deiland Time Health Hunger Engery Gold Max Items(?) Xp
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    [Req] Dungeon Girl Health Mind Gold Friendship points Materials
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    Updating Plague Inc

    How do I delete this, omg. I formatted it wrong.
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    Updating Plague Inc

    A new update has came out and it seems more than me want to play with it.
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    Letter Quest Remastered

    I have this thing with Avast where I turn it off, No big deal. .But the firewall in the computer itself is showing that it's mal in there. I mean, I don't know what to do.
  17. ExtremeTea

    Problems with antivirus

    Brah, I have the same thing but even my firewall itself is detecting it. I turned off my avast shields for a bit and it still did it, And It deletes it.
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    [REQ]Letter Quest Remastered Unlimited Items Inf Health Stop Time Unlimited Gems
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    A little dick never hurt anyone