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  1. dannyyee888

    Basement Trainer

    sir maf..a help pls ..needed here too
  2. dannyyee888

    This War Of Mine - Final Cut / Update Request

    hi sifu maf...a help here perhaps...tq sir
  3. dannyyee888

    Panzer Corps Trainer

    Maf sifu hi any chance assist the trainer
  4. dannyyee888

    WARSAW Trainer

    sifu maf is great
  5. dannyyee888

    WARSAW Trainer

    thanks maf..awesome you are
  6. dannyyee888

    Football Tactics Trainer

    Maf ..hi a help pls..tq
  7. dannyyee888

    Invisible Inc. Trainer.

    Hope we just wait for it...trainer..can it be done maf
  8. dannyyee888

    Thea 2 The Shattering Trainer

    helo maf n all sir this game need update sir
  9. dannyyee888

    A Legionary's Life Trainer

    Hi sifu maf .its me..tq for the updates..sifu i did req warsaw..can sifu make this too with victory n glory napoleon..tq sir
  10. dannyyee888

    Rebel Cops Trainer

    hi once again the maf master strikes..tq sifu..sifu any chance on the victory n glory napolen as i did req..tq sir
  11. dannyyee888

    A Legionary's Life Trainer

    hi maf..its seem have bug...the health of the hero goes down even is god mode..can maf please recheck the trainer
  12. dannyyee888

    Crying Suns Trainer

    Hi sir..I did sent sms steam to u sir..pls help sir..tq..thanks..that all I request sir..
  13. dannyyee888

    Crying Suns Trainer

    hi cant used loading the game trainer sir
  14. dannyyee888

    Crying Suns Trainer

    Thanks to legendary grandmaster Maf..
  15. dannyyee888

    Welcome From WeMod!

    Hi wemod chris..n maf.. may I ask if sir..can list the listing by maf..old n new titles..n wemod another chat..please sir..tq appreciated
  16. dannyyee888

    Welcome From WeMod!

    hi chris wemod..ya cant it be totally automatic join in as Pro unlimited rather by 3 month..1 year or 2 Maf give us like totally donor ...side position..rather the offer is a short term ..i mean mr chris..totally in wemod group.. from my view..i rather wemod put us all in as Pro...i m...
  17. dannyyee888

    Welcome From WeMod!

    Hi Chris.. the blog of maf..there s a lot of donor..senior donor n extreme donor..can they all go into wemod automatic join in..perhaps it may be a good way sir. can wemod transfer them all to u did promise us ..wemod have team up with Maf..cos u see in all these...
  18. dannyyee888

    This War Of Mine Trainer

    Tq maf..
  19. dannyyee888

    Welcome From WeMod!

    Hi wemod site is seem..ya the adm wemod need a backup plan...Plan B..perhaps..
  20. dannyyee888

    Welcome From WeMod!

    hi chris wemod...the site of wemod is need to repair the site..if whoever need to used trainer of Maf..wemod site is we can play games using wemod..maf site is well and good maintain..can sir chris assist the problem..tq