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    Fantasy General II

    Confirm the game is not easy, so +1
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    [REQ] Forged Of Blood

    +1 Please
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    Between The Stars Trainer

    Trainer was working after their update, but next time played, it no longer works?
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    Dawn of Andromeda Trainer

    Not had any problems before with trainers from MAF, but this one is marked as Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.A!ml. Any suggestions please ?
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    Uboat Trainer

    Update when you can please :)
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    Medieval Kingdom Wars

    Yes please:)
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    Victory at Sea Pacific [Request]

    Yes please. Any trainer for this would be great :)
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    Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific (Request)

    Lots of mods out there, but no real trainer. So, yes please :)
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    [REQ] Atlantic Fleet on Steam

    +1 Yes please
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    Tower of Time! (REQUEST)

    Yes Please :)
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    Req: Surviving Mars - Trainer

    And another please :)
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    Dungeon 3

    Love this game, but a trainer would be GREAT :)
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    [REQ] RAID World War II Trainer

    Would really like this one please
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    [REQ] Cold Waters

    Any trainer to help with this game please. Great game but so hard :)
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    REQ: Expeditions: Viking

    Any trainer for this would be great :)