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    Delivery from the Pain

    Hi Mr.Antifun. Can you please make a trainer for this game: Delivery from the Pain Best Regards :D
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    Hi Mr Antifun There is this new game named Hellblade. Can you please make a trainer for it :D I'ts a single player game. Best Regards :D
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    Hi Mr-Antifun and his great team :D can you guys please make a trainer for this game: Herolike it is single player and can be found on steam for 6 Euro. best regards Aliih :D
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    Orcs Must Die! Unchained

    Hi Mr.Antifun. Can you make a trainer for Orcs Must Die! Unchained. It's on Open Beta on Steam and it have a solo mode/ single player Kind Regard Aliih
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    Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

    Hi Mr Antifun and his Awesome team :D Is there eny chans to gett a trainar for this game: Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem It's in Alpha now and it's like diablo game but single not multiplayer. Best Regards Aliih
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    Dragon Fin Soup

    Hi MrAntiFun :D Can you pleace make a trainer for this game: Dragon Fin Soup
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    Hi Mr.Antifun :) I hope a trainer is on the way for this awesome game as well :D Thank you for your awesome hard work :D
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    Hi Admin Mr Antifun. Is there a trainer on the way for Mad Max??
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    Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    Hi. Can you please make a trainer for this game =) It's on steam now :)
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    Craft The World

    Hi, Can you please make a trainer for this game named Craft The World version 0.9.037. The game is now on steam as well =) Regards Aliig
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    Shadow of Mordor Trainer Request

    Hi Mr.AntiFun. I hope you can make us an awesome Trainer for this game as you usualy do for all other games.this game will come out tomorrow on pc and realy looking forward for your awesome trainer for this game to come i hope :D Best Regard's one of your fans :D Aliih
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    Forsaken Fortress Beta 4

    Hi, the one who was saking for this trained said he dont need it anymore and the request was canceled. i need that to actualy =) Forsaken Fortress Beta 4 Kind Regads Aliih =)
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    Dark Soul II

    Hi can you please make us a trainer for Dark Soul II.
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    the incredible adventures of van helsing ii

    Hi, Can you kindly make a trainer for the game: the incredible adventures of van helsing ii. i can't find any trainer for it yet and you'r the best trainer/cheat maker i've ever seen :D love your awesome work man :D