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  1. JackyJahn

    FIFA 18! (REQUEST)

    An option of improved training effects for The Journey would also be great. There was one for manager career in a trainer/table last year but not for the journey. So I'd really enjoy having that option available together with the always A rating during training sessions.
  2. JackyJahn

    FIFA 18! (REQUEST)

    +1 especially the options for the Journey
  3. JackyJahn

    Fifa 17 Trainer

    True needs an update after the last update.
  4. JackyJahn

    REQ: Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs

    Steam Store Page: ... _Monarchs/ Game Homepage: Kickstarter: ... ts/1550496 Request: Infinite HP (or at least frozen HP) Infinite Armor (or at least Frozen) Anything else is up to MAF and...
  5. JackyJahn

    nba 2k18

    Dude that game doesn't come out for another 4 months... calm yourself.
  6. JackyJahn

    NBA Playgrounds

    For me I simply would love to get XP boosts to unlock cards and level up the players I use.
  7. JackyJahn

    NBA Playgrounds

    +1 Card unlocker and or XP level increase would be cool.
  8. JackyJahn

    [Req] WWE 2k17

    +1 please
  9. JackyJahn

    Tyranny Trainer

    Instant research would be much appreciated.
  10. JackyJahn

    [REQ] FIFA 17

    +1 But you should have specified that the trainer is meant to be for the game mode: The Journey. MrAntifun, the Attributes Modifier should not go 100 as this apparently crashes the training. Personally I would rather see an option to complete every practice with as many points as possible to...
  11. JackyJahn

    NBA 2k17 Trainer

    Same question. Personally I think it's too overpowered. It's fine that my player is super but does the cheat have to effect the whole team?
  12. JackyJahn

    NBA 2k17 Trainer

    What a waste of money.
  13. JackyJahn

    NBA 2k17 Trainer

    How on earth did you get 120.000 VC???
  14. JackyJahn

    NBA 2k17 Trainer

    Well he spent 100.000 VC which he got by ordering the Legend edition. And apparently another 78.000 VC. What interests me is how you got 78.000 VC? I mean how do you farm them to get over 2.000? I scored 70 points and played 12 minute quarters on Hall of Fame and had an A+ teamgrade and only...
  15. JackyJahn

    NBA 2k17 Trainer

    How did you do that? Buy them? I mean how the hell are you meant to get like 200.000 VC? Even if I wait for a new contract and get more VC per game I will still need to play like 100 games. Or do you simply play like 4 minute per quarter games and just get the money from A+ teamgrade?
  16. JackyJahn

    NBA 2k17 Trainer

    Even with superstats you barely get any VC... this is so ridiculously geared towards money... I just scored 72 points, 16 Assists, shot 100% on HOF with an A+ Teamgrade and get 1.200 VC... you gotta be kidding me. Fully upgrading a players takes like 130.000 VC...
  17. JackyJahn

    [REQ]nba 2k17

    What do you use the Superstats for then? Do they work in Mycareer? Or How do you use them effectively?
  18. JackyJahn

    NBA 2k17 Trainer

    Thank you. Could we maybe get Teamgrade modifier and difficulty/VC modifier for MyCareer as well?