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    [REQ] feed and grow : fish

    would love an trainer for this one , pretty funny game :) game : options : - infinite health - infinite stamina - infinite money (why not) - easy xp (as like 1 fish kill give level up)
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    trainer language

    well , ok, this is just an idea/suggestion i think it would be cool if you can add an sort of little button on trainer for allow us to change the language of the trainer. i mean, everybody like to have thing in their native language and some are not very good on english. my suggestion is just...
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    Happy holidays

    I wish you all an happy christmass and happy holidays . and for the peoples who not make christmass , i wish you the best days and happy things for all your family, friends and lovers one(s) (if you have multiples ^^ ) and of course, happy holidays to MaF and his crew and thanks for this...
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    Binary Domain

    Binary domain steam => all the possible and classic cheats ^^ (health etc..) This game is an very good game, an pure gem, maybe little short, but still amazing. i hope you can make an trainer for it. its awesome
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    [REQUEST] how to survive third person

    game : how to survive third person steam : pay : depend of sale on steam ^^ 10$ or less request : infinite health , infinite ammo (and others cheats you want to make, this 2 are enougth for me)
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    Mass effect 4 (mass effect andromeda)

    coming holydays 2016 ^^ on pc, xbox one , ps4