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  1. oliver92

    space colony hd

    platform gog price is currently $7.49 on sale otherwise $9,99 features i would like if possible. god mode, unlimited reasources, fast construction, unlimited money and any others you can find.
  2. oliver92

    Zeus + Poseidon Trainer

    i know hes already made 1 for this but i thought of some added feautures that would be nice to add with the money cheat. features to add: 1. god mode- so armys you send to attack or defend wont be defeted. 2. markets fully stocked 3. housing requirements met for upgrade or to keep them maxed...
  3. oliver92

    Borderlands Trainer

    infinate ammo makes it go to -99 and cant fire and infinate health goes to 1000 but wont decress even for enemys please update.
  4. oliver92

    ZEUS + POSEIDON Trainer

    gog platform windows $9.99 features would like are infinate food/resources or least a set ammount you can put in. money and relasionship with nabours there are cheat codes already but alot dont work when i tried and a trainer would be alot easier and...
  5. oliver92

    Darksiders Trainer price £19.99 hi can you make a trainer for this on the steam version simmular to whats on offer for darksiders 2 please thanks
  6. oliver92

    Life is Feudal: Forest Village

    this looks like a good game like banished was think you can make 1 for this game? Steam Version Currently £18.99