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  1. Orionshee

    NBA 2K20 Trainer

    Cam someone please explain to me how the "Unlimited Skill Points" portion of the trainer works?
  2. Orionshee

    BattleTech Trainer

    The Wemod debug mode seems not to work for me.
  3. Orionshee

    BattleTech Trainer

    MAF, please update? Thank you....
  4. Orionshee

    Between The Stars Trainer

    Thank you very much, sir.
  5. Orionshee

    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Trainer

    MAF, Been getting some crashes using this trainer, sir. Would you please look into it? I imagine it's a version thing, otherwise the trainer works just fine.
  6. Orionshee


    Would love a trainer for this. Thanks MAF!
  7. Orionshee

    BATTLETECH! --> Official STEAM and GOG (REQUEST)

    I just want unlimited money, but any trainer would be awesome
  8. Orionshee

    Ultimate General Civil War Trainer

    So, the trainer works with a new campaign, but not with a campaign you are continuing...anything that can be done about that MAF?
  9. Orionshee

    [REQ] Bomber Crew

    Throwing my request in for this as well. Fun little game, harder than heck. Lol
  10. Orionshee

    Divinity Original Sin 2 Trainer

    The only issue i have had with the cheats is that using the "Inf. Weight" cheat seems to give EVERYTHING super strength. I got one-shotted a few times before figuring it out. Otherwise, it's still working for me. Thanks Mr. AF.
  11. Orionshee

    Fifa 17 Trainer

    F6 crashing my game as well. What a pain in the ass this game is to work with.
  12. Orionshee

    Endless Legend Trainer

    As am I. Same error here, after following the instructions. Tried with all current versions of trainer.
  13. Orionshee

    [REQ] FIFA 17

    The ability to add some skill points in "The Journey" or career mode would be great. Your work is much appreciated, as always.