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  1. yehudi71

    [REQ]Freeman: Guerilla Warfare

    Game: Freeman: Guerilla Warfare Steam: Price: $14.99 Suggested options: 1. Inf Health 2. Inf Ammo 3. Inf Party Health 4. Inf Money etc
  2. yehudi71

    [REQ] S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat

    Platform: Steam URL: Price: Normal $20 (Current Sale until the 24th $6) Requested cheats: Inf Health Inf ammo Inf Money No Radiation Ultd Weight No Hunger
  3. yehudi71

    [REQ]Command and Conquer Renegade

    Part of Command and Conquer Ultimate Collection Platform: Origin Price: Currently on sale from EA publisher sale for $4.99, but normal listed price is $19.99. Requested features: 1) Inf Health 2) Inf Ammo 3) Inf Gadgets Much thanks
  4. yehudi71

    [REQ] IS Defense

    Steam: IS Defends Price: $7.99 Requested options: infinite health, skill points, easy vehicle kills, unlimited support points Game description: rail shooter, base defense, horde defense
  5. yehudi71

    [Req] Act of Aggression

    Act of Aggression Platform: Steam ( Price: $44.99/~£30 Desired Cheats: Infinite unit health, infinite resources, Instant build, instant research, no pop cap, etc. The game's been out a while, but I figured it would be nice to have a proper trainer for it.
  6. yehudi71

    Operation Flashpoint: Red River

    It's on sale for today on steam bundled with it's prequel Dragon Rising for $3.99(£2.54). Normal price for the game itself is $9.99(£6.37). British prices are estimated. Just some nice things to have would be invincibility, infinite ammo, inf exp, player points, squad health, etc. As far as I...