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  1. AlphaOmega-F5

    Dragon Age Inquisition Trainer

    This Trainer does not show up for me in Wemod, i get one in Official by UnknownV2 and one in Origin by Stingerr. When i do the search for Dragon Age Inquisition there is NO (maybe compatible) section at all. Thankfully...i STILL have the old trainer +15 from the real MAF that works perfectly!!!!
  2. AlphaOmega-F5

    We Happy Few Trainer

    Need an UPDATE please!!!!
  3. AlphaOmega-F5

    Welcome From WeMod!

    Some will ALWAYS be resistant to CHANGE, it's human nature! From what i have read from Frank@WeMod, i think this will be a positive change! I, personally, doubt that MAF would even consider this move if it would be detrimental to the small empire he's put together over the years with his...
  4. AlphaOmega-F5

    Dishonored 2 Trainer

    Inf coins does not work my friend I had coins prior to opening the store window and even bought some things to alter the amount, to no avail. Tried deactivating , then re-activating after the window was open , also a no go. Went and pickpocketed some more coins to see if it kicked in = nope...
  5. AlphaOmega-F5

    Update Request Kingdom Come Deliverance

    Need it, want it, gotta gotta have it!!! Wait....I said that to a girl I used to know! Did she go for it? Stay tuned.... muahaha ! Hey MAF, hope all is well with you!!!! Dying to play the updated "Kingdom Come Deliverance" , but i'm a cheater ya know!!! :cool:
  6. AlphaOmega-F5

    Kingdom Come Deliverance

    As a donor , I made a request to MAF in the chat window, and while it is great to have an updated trainer same day or next, sometimes it is beneficial to everyone involved to wait a couple days. I say that because most times the Devs don't get all the code right and need to patch the patches...
  7. AlphaOmega-F5

    (REQ) Soulcalibur VI

    Would love to see an up-to-date version of this trainer please! Soulcalibur VI Steam Game version 01.12.00 Seems that ( inf money ) is the only working function with the current version!!! ;)
  8. AlphaOmega-F5

    Conan Exiles (REQ) update

    Conan Exiles Steam Steam Build 3206655 / Game revision # 109302/19666 It activates , inf health works, inf stamina works, and easy crafting works /everything else is broken, including the "game editor" features Apologies for NOT testing it thoroughly before my prior post!!!!!!!
  9. AlphaOmega-F5

    Bully Scholarship Edition Trainer

    Create a New Folder and then Rename it So you know it has Game Trainers in it then when ever you download a trainer to Downloads open it and then choose to Extract the trainer exe into that folder you created. OPEN your anti virus settings , should be an EXCEPTIONS tab or line. Choose to make...
  10. AlphaOmega-F5

    The Forest Trainer

    Same here, latest version trainer does not work with Forest ver 20180515 Please Update MAF ;)
  11. AlphaOmega-F5

    Tomb Raider Anniversary Trainer

    Thanks for this MAF ! :cool:
  12. AlphaOmega-F5

    [REQ] Tomb Raider Anniversary

    Hey MAF and Team! Any idea when you might consider making this Trainer?????????? It's been nearly a month now and still nothing :(
  13. AlphaOmega-F5

    [REQ] Tomb Raider Anniversary

    Yes?-No-Maybe??? ;)
  14. AlphaOmega-F5

    [REQ] Tomb Raider Anniversary

    Store Page F1 God Mode F2 unlimited Ammo F3 Unlimited Oxygen F4 1 Hit Kill F5 Quick Save F6 All Weapons F9 Quick Load
  15. AlphaOmega-F5

    Far Cry Primal Trainer

    I created a folder and named it "Utilities" then I went to setting for my Internet Security program and made an exception for that folder. Any trainer I get from MAF I extract into that folder and never have an issue (except maybe having to tell Malwarebytes to (always ignore) when I launch the...
  16. AlphaOmega-F5

    Far Cry Primal Trainer

    Any trick to getting the inf skills option to work? For some reason it just will not add any skill points. I have tried activating before a level up with skills page closed and open, and after a level up with skills page open or closed to no avail..... Any thoughts?
  17. AlphaOmega-F5

    (REQ) Titans Quest Anniversary Edition

    Thanks for the update !!!!
  18. AlphaOmega-F5

    (REQ) Titans Quest Anniversary Edition

    It seems that trainer version 1.44 doesn't work since the release of the New DLC. Would you please look into this and update the trainer ? I loaded up the game and chose inf health and inf mana then PC just went black screen when trying to bring it back up. As always, your work and effort is...
  19. AlphaOmega-F5

    Req Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

    Thank you for the timely update my friend! :)
  20. AlphaOmega-F5

    Req Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

    Please update the trainer to latest game version which is 1.44 I believe. Thanks After choosing any or all options i can't move my character or do anything but exit the game.... Matters not which of the choices I check, once I choose ANY the game is frozen (single player)