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  1. CelestialCorpse

    [Update] Praey for the Gods

    Praey For The Gods Steam V 0.5.048 (Up from March 2019 V0.5.025 after Achievements, Optimization, Accessibility and many more patches/updates were added!) :) Issue: Current trainer does not recognize process name or ID so cannot test functionality. This indie hidden-gem for Zelda/Shadow of...
  2. CelestialCorpse

    [Update Request] Deep Rock Galactic

    Single-Player/Co-Op game Deep Rock Galactic has had a Major Content update on June 15th. :) Requesting trainer update due to: - Health [1] and Ammo [4] no longer activate. (Windows error tone) - Using Flare [7] or Grenade [6] with associated Trainer option active crashes game instantly. -...
  3. CelestialCorpse

    [REQ] Die Young

    Trainer Request for Die Young +5 Unlimited Health, Undetected, Super Speed, Infinite Inventory, No Thirst "Kidnapped for no clear reason to a dazzling yet mysterious island on the Mediterranean Sea, a young girl has to find a way to escape. Armed with only her wits, agility, and the will to...
  4. CelestialCorpse

    [REQ] The Chronicles of Riddick

    Trainer Request for "Chronicles of Riddick" @ +3 ( Infinite HP, Ammo, Undetected ??? ) **This game is not available on Steam Store, but is available via keys, physical copies, as well as buyable for Steam via Gamestop. This is an immersive, first-person...