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    [Request] Border Officer

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    Hearts of Iron IV Trainer

    everything works without complaints, thank you!
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    Hearts of Iron IV Trainer

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    Slay the Spire trainer

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    [REQ] Starship Theory

  7. Engen

    Crawl Trainer

    My antivirus deletes the file, despite the fact that I added it to exceptions! Please could you give a link to the table or just copy and text scripts? translated using Google translate.
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    Dead Acres Trainer

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    [Request] Caveblazers

    Well, first I got to Make Cheat the game on the inf. Health is only what kind of thing after the transition to the next level, the address is changed randomly! And when I try to find pointers, I either I get into the loop of pointers and they all change when going to the next level! And AOBSKAN...
  10. Engen

    [Request] Caveblazers

    Please make a trainer for the game called Caveblazers. Requested features: Inf. Health Inf. Gold
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    Beholder Trainer

    а ты знаешь что англоязычный сайт и писать тут по русски не имеет смысла?