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  1. knight72

    Withstand: Survival

    I would like to see this made but i don't think it will.
  2. knight72

    Desolate Trainer

    Have not played this since 2018. would be nice if this would get updated, i would like to try the game again.
  3. knight72

    Journey to the Savage Planet Trainer

    You forgot to put in the link to the game. be nice get a trainer for this.
  4. knight72

    (REQ) Journey of life

    would be nice to have this Health and Stamina would be good for now.
  5. knight72

    Animallica Alpha v2.09

    Really surprised he never made a trainer for this, game is now up to v4.05a. the v4 update was maybe the largest update so far. would be nice see one made for this.
  6. knight72

    Subsistence Trainer

    Would be nice to see super speed added. a trainer i have been using has super speed i really like it can get around so much better. to bad will never see it on his trainer.
  7. knight72

    Subsistence Trainer

    Like to see this get updated. he added repair so be nice have something for that so we don't have to keep repairing things all the time. with the seasons he added cold and hot so maybe you can add something for that.
  8. knight72

    Ancestors: The human odyssey

    be about 6 months to a year before you can buy it on steam.
  9. knight72

    Ancestors: The human odyssey

    yes but he wouldn't know that unless he did a search. when you Request a trainer says to put the title, store link and the cheats you would like to use. :)
  10. knight72

    Ancestors: The human odyssey

    would be helpful if you said its on Epic Games.
  11. knight72

    [REQ] Volcanoids

  12. knight72

    Subsistence Trainer

    thanks MrAntiFun for the new trainer :)
  13. knight72

    Subsistence Trainer

    would be a good time to update this now that Alpha 49 is out. haven't played this for a year, going to wait see if the trainer will get updated before i install it again.
  14. knight72

    Subsistence Trainer

    it would be better to wait till Alpha 49 gets out of experimental branch before he updates the trainer.
  15. knight72

    [REQ] Desert Skies

  16. knight72

    Outlaws of the Old West

    that don't work. i have a trainer now has a Editor on it.
  17. knight72

    Outlaws of the Old West

    well yes if you turn your internet off you can but i wouldn't want to do all that just to play it offline. what i meant was i don't know if he will make a trainer with the game not having a regular offline mode. another site i get trainers from they wouldn't make a trainer for CardLife...