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  1. Terrac27

    Total War Warhammer 2 Trainer

    They are crooked and only in it for themselves. this wont be updated by MAF or WeMod for a long time. Time to go back to three kingdoms ugh
  2. Terrac27

    Total War Warhammer 2 Trainer

    Can we get a update for this, seems a patch came out today for it and the trainer stopped working for it.
  3. Terrac27

    Mechwarrior 5

  4. Terrac27


    I second this notion, update needed for heavy metal release.
  5. Terrac27

    Enter the Gungeon Update

    Could I get a update for this game I am using the Epic games version and the current version for the game is 2.1.9. the trainer version is 2.1.6 only needs to be updated to the last patch
  6. Terrac27

    Borderlands 2 item update [(Steam)(1.8.4)]

    I was wondering if you could update the trainer to include inf Eridium or a option to add a lot of eridium to the trainer and some of the DLC have similar collectible items like Seraph crystals and Torgue tokens. Just wondering if these can be added some time. Also there is another feature like...
  7. Terrac27

    Fade To Silence 1.0.842 [Steam]

    Just wondering if this is going to be updated as 1.0.842 was just released and the current trainer doesn't work. I've already beat it once just want to see if there is any alt endings if you have more lives or didn't save or recruit certain people.