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  1. Guber

    Mafia II Definitive Edition

  2. Guber

    Borderlands 3

    Dear god of trainer making Would you please update the trainer so that it has a working trainer for Steam? I thank you so much for the awesome work that you do, I will forever be a devoted devotee of Mr Antifun :)
  3. Guber

    Warhammer 40k Gladius Relics of War update

    Hi Can you update your trainer so that it runs on Win32? thanks
  4. Guber

    We Happy Few 1.8

    Hello be great to get an updated version of the trainer for We happy few version 1.8. Thanx
  5. Guber

    Atom RPG Post-Apocalyptic Indie Game Trainer

    Thank you so much
  6. Guber

    Trainer for Adeptus Titanicus

    Is it possible to make a trainer for Adeptus Titanicus Just with the regular stuff like inf health, ability to power up and so forth.
  7. Guber

    Pillars of Eternity Trainer

    There is a forum for update request, they might get notice more if you write a post in that forum instead
  8. Guber

    assassin's creed odyssey

    Assassin's Creed Odysseey trainer used 1.4.0 people seem to have problem even getting the trainer to work, for me it's the inf. points that I couldn't get to work. (though next time I play it's might be the whole trainer that does not work)
  9. Guber

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey Trainer

    Please update the trainer. I am having problems with the inf. points cheat, it simply does not work. Even though it's summer, I do hope you will find it in your time to update the trainer... I'm even scared to start the game up and find that the trainer doesn't work. SO PLEASE!!!!!!
  10. Guber

    Far Cry New Dawn Trainer

    I found that the trainer perk cheat works if you update the uhmm hit harder perk, every time i updated that one, i got 10 perk points added. not sure if this is helpful or not, or if it works for others
  11. Guber

    Far Cry New Dawn Trainer

    Thanks. Though i would prefer for the trainer to be updated instead of having to mess around with another engine
  12. Guber

    Far Cry New Dawn Trainer

    I'm having problems getting the perk to work. Anyone know if I'm just doing it wrong or if it is the trainer?
  13. Guber

    Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor: Martyr! (REQUEST)

    Up Please if it is in any way possible, please make a trainer with whatever is possible. I have yet to play it, so know not how much online is involved, hopefully not too much as I play only single games by myself, no online shenanigans
  14. Guber

    Requesting an updated trainer for The Council

    Hi I would love if it would be possible to make a trainer with the mentioned traits for this game The Council (I got it for christmas, and have put a couple of hours in) The game can be found here: I would like if the trainer could contain something like: Unlimited...
  15. Guber

    Arcanum it soooo needs a trainer, it cannot be stressed enough

    Hi I have made a Trainer request in the general forum. But being a donor, I thought I would try making a request here. The game can be found here: The only one to have made a trainer is the much despised cheathappens, which...
  16. Guber

    Warhammer 40k Space Wolf Trainer

    You are a God. I am giving serious thought as to having you as a deity and build a place of worship to you MrAntiFun.... SERIOUSLY
  17. Guber

    Assassin's Creed Odyssy

    Hi Would it be possible to make a trainer for the new Assassin's creed game? Would be awesome if it had the following Inf Life/health Inf skill points/experience Inf arrows Inf money inf oxygen and whatever else goodies you can come up with. Thank you Janne
  18. Guber

    Update for We happy few

    Hi Please make an update that functions for the patched PC version of We happy Few that was lunched on the 24th of september thank you so much for your awesome work
  19. Guber

    Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

    Hi As you are gods among demi-gods, could you please see if it is possible to make a trainer for this game? Many seems to be asking for it all over the web, which is why I thought I would put a request up in here, where the best of the best are. I would love to just have a trainer with the...