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    Red Dead Redemption 2 Trainer

    Individual trainers will not be distributed.
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    Dark Souls 3 Trainer

    Our average time to update is less than 3 days or less. If we don't update a game because it either doesn't need to be updated or the game doesn't change the exe so we have no way to detect it then no one reports it. The trainer for DS3 is working correctly. You say our trainers are buggy but...
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    WeMod and online games

    As long as you are not attempting to use WeMod in multiplayer you shouldn't have any issues.
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    Medieval Dynasty Trainer

    You need to have the cheat activated while it has 100% durability.
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    Marvel's Avengers

    All challenge cards could be completed by paying for them. Every single trainer option made it easier to complete those so yes it did give you an advantage. Any further threads on this will be closed.
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    Marvel's Avengers

    There will be no updates. The trainer was removed due to the microtransactions.
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    Attention All Donors - Claim Your Free Pro Subscription

    Unless you were a donor prior to the partnership agreement, no you are not eligible for the free Pro.
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    Attention All Donors - Claim Your Free Pro Subscription

    As I stated previously you are only eligible for the Donor rewards if you were a donor prior to the partnership.
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    Attention All Donors - Claim Your Free Pro Subscription

    I really can't do anything about him not replying besides let him know
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    Attention All Donors - Claim Your Free Pro Subscription

    You will need to message MAF directly to receive the title here. You will not be eligible for the free Pro though as that was only for members who had donated prior to the partnership announcement.
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    Wasteland 3 (PC) Trainer

    All trainers regardless of the creator are posted here.
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    Trainers without wemod?

    His request likely got marked by the XenForo bot for review. As far as voting for updates, that will be going away soon(We will release more details when we get closer). We will also be making our queue viewable to all users so you guys can see what our creators are working on and what is coming up.
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    Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition Trainer

    The trainer likely works for epic you will just need to manually select the exe by clicking "fix" on the steam version.
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    Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition Trainer

    MAF will not be publishing any standalone trainers.
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    American Truck Simulator Trainer

    The trainer is free to use.
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    RESIDENT EVIL 3 Trainer

    Restart your games. It appears the game has anti-cheat and basically forces you to reload the game. MAF is looking for a way around it.
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    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Trainer

    If you are having issues with cheats not working try switching to the beta build of WeMod.
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    Kingdom Come Deliverance Trainer

    What are we limiting? All cheats are free to use and can be activated using the hotkeys.
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    No Man's Sky Trainer

    The trainer was updated yesterday.