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    Bridge Constructor Trainer

    @MrAntiFun Please add this options: Strong materials No length limit for elements Magical Bridge Disabled Turrets
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    They Are Billions Trainer

    @MrAntiFun, please improve trainers without @Wemod, there is a lot of RAM consumption "even during the game"
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    They Are Billions Trainer

    I do, but I want the trainer to develop. There is no unlimited supply of oil, we cannot build units like Titan. There are no unlimited imperial points, we cannot make enough soldiers & defenses in Patrol missions. There are no unlimited research points, it's very difficult when you can't make...
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    They Are Billions Trainer

    @MrAntiFun, will you increase the cheats? Unlimited Oil Supply Unlimited Imperial Points Unlimited Research Points Fast Build
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    Welcome From WeMod!

    Dude, you're getting angry. All available in this program. No update issues, updating automatically. Moreover, all the cheats are free!
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    Welcome From WeMod!

    First of all, welcome, Wemod! I'm very happy to read the news. I immediately installed the program. I was disappointed first. I thought it would limit trainer features like other programs, but I was very happy to write "all tricks are free" in my email reply. Now I have one problem, my...
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    Any new signatures out there?

    Would you please do it for me? With Turkish flag. Turkish flag:
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    They Are Billions Trainer

    @MrAntiFun made a deal with Wemod, so you need to download Wemod and choose They are Billions. Trainer update will be automatic. So, here download..
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    They Are Billions Trainer

    Trainer working but not for the latest version. For example, when you enable unlimited healt, the task can fail. Also some tricks are missing. Unlimited Imperial Points, for example. Required for the Horde mission. (@MrAntiFun) Also Fast Construction, Fast Recruiting cheats don't work. Please...
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    Dawn of Man Trainer

    @MrAntiFun Please add notes to trainer.
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    They Are Billions Trainer

    @MrAntiFun Please update for 0.9.2 and more options. :) Veteran cheat, Speed cheat, Damage cheat.. _______________________ 0.9.2 Patch File:
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    Poly Bridge Trainer

    Trainer size big! Please smaller :)
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    They Are Billions Trainer

    Please add "Fast Build Units, Fast Research, Fast Build Buildings" Thanks..
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    They Are Billions Trainer

    Please add Inf. Oil Supply
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    Party Hard Trainer

    Please update v.1.4.028.r
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    [REQ] RoShamBo

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    The Long Dark Trainer

    Please translate Turkish. Options / Ayarlar: God Mode ==>> Ölümsüzlük 100% Condition ==>> %100 Kondüsyon 3500 Calories ==>> 3500 Kalori No Freezing ==>> Üşümez No Thirst ==>> Susamaz No Fatigue ==>> Yorulmaz Inf.Weight ==>> Sınırsız Ağırlık Inf.Items ==>> Sınırsız Materyal Inf.Stamina ==>>...
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    Viscera Cleanup Detail Trainer

    Please update trainer for 0.20 :(