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  1. maestro22

    Aurora Dusk: Steam Age

    Steam: Aurora Dusk: Steam Age Cheat request Fast or instant skills level up Fast character level up (gain more xp) Infinite perk points Infinite starting resource (resource don't decease after ruse)
  2. maestro22

    Odd Realm

    Game site: Any cheat basically is fine with me - infinite resource - colony HP - colony hunger ect...
  3. maestro22

    [REQ]Planet Centauri

    Steam: EDIT --------- anything you can add I am good with it Add Resources Infinite HP Infinite Stamina/Magic Infinite Jump Add Souls Add Fame Fullbright (Light up area) Fast attack/Digging
  4. maestro22

    The Binding of Isaac AFTERBIRTH

    Coins cheat Keys cheat Bombs cheat HP cheat Steam link:
  5. maestro22


    Gold cheat for this game Steam Link:
  6. maestro22


    a trainer for this game would be good....resource cheat, gold cheat, colony exp cheat anything really Game Site link: Steam link:
  7. maestro22

    Star Ruler 2

    make a trainer for this game
  8. maestro22

    Running With Rifles

    I could not find a topic with this game so I will request a trainer for this game....make the radio calls have infinite use so I can spam backup, artillery strike, ect.
  9. maestro22

    Bloons TD 5 Deluxe

    can you add BTD5 Deluxe trainer....its Single Player...I cant use Cheat Engine when playing a level to increase my does not work...can you make a trainer so on the start of each level we have lots of money