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  1. DominusDolor

    [REQ] Metal Gear Survive

    Title: Metal Gear Survive --------------------------- Store Link: Cheats: Just some basics would help greatly 1: Infinite Crafting Mats (or at least dupe them when you put them from character to storage) 2: +10,000 Kuban Energy 3: +100 of all Crafting...
  2. DominusDolor

    Tales of Berseria

    Title: Tales of Berseria Trainer Name: Tales of Berseria VFeb.3.2017 Trainer +6 B Platform: Steam Features Not Working: Everything works for the most part just that Inf. HP could be bumped up to 9,999 and the Inf AP (or Souls? if they are the same thing) could be set to lock them at either 5 or...
  3. DominusDolor

    Tales of Zestiria

    Title: Tales of Zestiria Trainer Name: Tales of Zestiria v1.00 trainer +7 Platform: Steam Features Not Working: Everything works, its just that having Inf. HP upped to either 9,999 or 99,999 would be great, and the Inf. Items upped to either 30 or 99 would be perfect =)
  4. DominusDolor

    [REQ Syndicate]

    Link: Price: $19.99 Requested Features: Infinite HP, Infinite Ammo, Infinite Use Powers, Infinite Dart (its the cool Overlay that gives accuracy and damage) Infinite Dart Points (skill points basically)