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  1. SinStriker86

    [REQ] Dead Age

    Hi MrAntiFun, could u make a Trainer for this Game? Platform: Steam - Product Price: $14.99 USD Features: - Inf Health - Inf Ammo - Inf AP - Add XP - Add Skill Points - Add Material - Add Tools - Add Food - Free Crafting Thx in forward ^^
  2. SinStriker86

    7 Days to Die [Not working correctly with Alpha 11.3]

    The Trainer is not working correctly with the Alpha 11.3 When u activate Un.Stamina for example u are in Godmode too and thats bad, cause some people like me plays the game whitout Godmode. MrAntiFun, it whould be very nice if u can update the Trainer to Alpha 11.3 so it works fine..btw your...