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  1. J

    Fallout 4 Trainer

    Mr. Antifun, while I don't have the issues with your trainer such as these, I did notice my inf. core energy would not stay up while the F2 cheat was activited. everything else was fine...
  2. J

    Sid Meiers Civilization Beyond Earth Trainer

    So, I went to start up my Civilization: Beyond Earth - and found out it is now in Version number: Any chance there can be an upgrade to the trainer so the cheats can be activated?
  3. J

    Lichdom Battlemage Trainer

    I did just that, but I had made a desktop shortcut. When I use the shortcut, the trainer doesn't activate, but when I go to the actual folder it does... quite odd
  4. J

    Lichdom Battlemage Trainer

    Yeah, the latest version of your trainer (for the 32bit) doesn't seem to work since the games latest release: 2014.12.02.70219-Release v1.2.3
  5. J

    Sid Meier Starships Trainer

    Yeah, I cant seem to get it to work either, even tried from the file folder...