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  1. DJ_Mega

    I can't login to MAF on my main donor account.

    the site is pretty much dead don't think MAF comes here any more he keeps it running yes but the bot just posts Wemod trainers that are going live. the old trainer list is gone because it got flagged as Potential virus. you can't even request trainers here any more.
  2. DJ_Mega

    Cartel tycoon

    yeah you can't get requests here now you have to install game and favorite it on wemod they say that if 10 people do it it's put on the trainer build list. this site for all intents and purposes is dead.
  3. DJ_Mega

    Trainers without wemod?

    yeah sadly trainers that used to be on this site still have not made it to wemod, ones I actually used on my games. starting to think paying cheat happens for lifetime might be a good idea.
  4. DJ_Mega

    Welcome From WeMod!

    nope staff still just tell people to read before posting and **** off because the paid pro people are the reason the app still exists. and now they have removed voting for trainers and put it so "if enough people install and favorite" the game the trainer will get made but the pro subbers get...
  5. DJ_Mega

    Removing old trainers

    A portion of my games are through Twitch Prime, and for some damned reason they don't always update the games on there when they get new patches. So newer trainers some times make the games freak or hell some of the options just don't work because it's not actually through steam, origin, uplay...
  6. DJ_Mega

    Bendy and the Ink Machine (REQUEST)

    would also like to request trainer
  7. DJ_Mega


  8. DJ_Mega

    Bioshock Remastered Trainer

    only problem is when using inf ammo it makes it so you cannot pick up the 2nd dose of lot 192 because the first dose becomes infinite amount. if you can't pick it up you can't finish the game.
  9. DJ_Mega

    Fallout Shelter Trainer

    I am having trouble every button F10-Numpad 2 just bing at me when I try to use them they don't turn on the cheats am I doing something wrong cause it was working fine yesterday.