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  1. Ashmic


    I'm looking for a possible trainer for spiritfarer, the obvious cheats being money, if you can get spiritflowers (trying to do a run without turning people in) and unlock Stanley earlier
  2. Ashmic

    The Final Station Trainer

    It doesn't work for the dlc
  3. Ashmic

    Feel The Snow Trainer

    no hunger doesnt work and infinite mana makes your temperature go to 2?
  4. Ashmic

    The Forest Trainer

    Needs an Update <:[
  5. Ashmic

    Kingdom New Lands Trainer

    thank you!!
  6. Ashmic

    Kingdom New Lands Trainer

    pls update <:[ it doesnt work
  7. Ashmic

    Kingdom Trainer

    current trainer works but inf. coins spews coins even when its turned off and slows the game to like 1 fps because there are so many coins. Reloading doesnt help, it still keeps spawning coins
  8. Ashmic

    Sheltered Trainer

    I hate to ask this but pls update <:[
  9. Ashmic

    The Forest Trainer

    pls update to v30
  10. Ashmic

    Life Is Hard Trainer

    bump again sorry
  11. Ashmic

    Life Is Hard Trainer

    It doesnt work for me <: [ maybe update?
  12. Ashmic

    (REQ) Life Is Hard

    Software: Steam Steam Link: Price: 7.99 (on sale right now at 7.19) USD Features: unlimited Health or something to that nature. And Maybe unlimited Logs and Stone and Ore (and the rest of the items) But Mostly Just Unlimited Health for Workers. (and if...
  13. Ashmic

    Sheltered Trainer

    Dont want to bother u but this needs an update <:\
  14. Ashmic

    [REQ]Unholy Heights

    I request too, pls
  15. Ashmic

    Kingdom Trainer

    I love you, you sexy beast!
  16. Ashmic

    The Escapists Trainer

    false positive, it will do that with any trainer from this site, most trainers are detected as "viruses" but they arent, its just how the antivirus reads them
  17. Ashmic

    Sheltered Trainer

    update pls?
  18. Ashmic

    Dying Light Trainer

    i thought kill all zombies meant just the ones who spawned nearby, but unfortunately it messed with all my saves (not just the one i used it in) And ****** up any new game i made. So I reinstalled the game and the zombies were finally back to normal
  19. Ashmic

    How To Survive Third Person Standalone Trainer

    Did I ever tell you how much i love you? lol thanks :3