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  1. I3loodDevil

    Company Of Heroes 2 trainer

    @MrAntiFun I believe this file is corrupted cause I download without firewall or antivirus and it deletes straight away, could we get a fix please :) Thank you
  2. I3loodDevil

    House Flipper Trainer

    Can we get a update for this game pretty please MrAnti? thanks mate.
  3. I3loodDevil

    Divinity Original Sin 2 Trainer

    Yeah all good now. I pressed on Definitive Mode instead of Classic...
  4. I3loodDevil

    Assassins Creed Origins Trainer

    Hey @MrAntiFun just wondering when this will be updated. Cheers for all your work dude. :)
  5. I3loodDevil

    Divinity Original Sin 2 Trainer

    Well DOS2 deff needs a update :(
  6. I3loodDevil

    OVERKILL's The Walking Dead Trainer

    I Know I can't wait tbh :)
  7. I3loodDevil

    OVERKILL's The Walking Dead Trainer

    Hello @MrAntiFun just wondering if you could please look into when your ready for a trainer OVERKILL's The Walking Dead please. Thank you
  8. I3loodDevil

    Scum Trainer

    I suggest you use the CT that one person provided. You can do this by going to your Scum folder -> Scum -> Binaries -> Win64 -> Scum.exe and run it, Now since now you can spawn in anything you want
  9. I3loodDevil

    Scum Trainer

    Ok guys we are setting up a test for it soon just standby. We figured out that the EAC will kick you for using the CT so you can run the game scum offline, just need to update it and all to make sure it works and such. As I said just be patient
  10. I3loodDevil

    Scum Trainer

    I can't wait until MAF updates's worth the hype since not many other cheat trainers sites ain't going to touch it with a 10 foot pole....well I say some because there's always others trying to one up MAF with a paid subscription....lame....Anyways I can see this trainer being...
  11. I3loodDevil

    Scum Trainer

    My suggestion is to people that having issues with health and the don't go near them until the health cheat is fixed and works. Other than that I'm going to try it now. I had it working from 4 am this its working just not with mechs
  12. I3loodDevil

    Scum Trainer

    I'm going to try it now...seems like it updated and people are having issues [EDIT Yeah It's not working....dang and the cheat engine values keep changing so I can't seem to get anything]
  13. I3loodDevil

    Mist Survival Trainer

    I believed it might of updated today. Only 181 MB
  14. I3loodDevil

    Mist Survival Trainer

    Good Job MrAnti. I'd love to see this progress with more added features. It would be nice for healthy status, no poop, no pee, unlimited ammo put in soon whenever you get around to it. But thanks for starting it :)
  15. I3loodDevil


    +1 [EDIT: This is fun in single-player. Love it just some simple trainer for this game would be awesome]
  16. I3loodDevil

    Update or Overlook of PC Building Simulator. Please...

    Hello it seems that it has updated? But could you just check when you've got the spare time and maybe see if you could fix it or maybe more functional cheats added, idea but in your own time, Thank's MrAnti and Staff.
  17. I3loodDevil

    Just Cause 3 Trainer

    Could we get a update please on this trainer. I believe that the gears mod cheat is not working. Thanks MrAntiFun
  18. I3loodDevil

    Unturned [required updated trainer for single player]

    Just wondering if it's possible Mranti if you could do a possible re-amp of Unturned since its popular on steam atm. Thank you