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  1. Ken Bassford

    Welcome From WeMod!

    What work? Just look at how well you did with Shadow Empire. 160 votes 4 months ago, still nothing. CH and Plitch had it back then, and Wemod? <sound of crickets chirping> This is why folks are revolting, Chris. You're not listening to your users. Very sad.
  2. Ken Bassford

    [REQ] Shadow Empire

    5/15/2021, still nothing. CH and Plitch have had it for over 4 months, WeMod continues to ignore the community. Depressing!
  3. Ken Bassford

    [REQ] Shadow Empire

    Now 3/25/2021 and still no movement.
  4. Ken Bassford

    Galactic Civilizations 3 Trainer

    Wemod carping trainer is out-of-date, yet game "claims" not been updated (though it should be noted that opening screen says ver. 4.1, not 4.01), what gives? Unlimited movement and fast construction are borked. UPDATE: Game was updated on 3/11 to v4.1 (it's buried in the support section of...
  5. Ken Bassford

    [REQ] Shadow Empire

    Shadow Empire Store: Votes on WeMod (2/1/2021): 152 Sites I don't patronize that already have a trainer: CH and Plitch Features you need to beat them: Add Food, Water, Oil, Energy, Machines, Hi-Tech Parts, Rare Metals, Metals, Ammo...
  6. Ken Bassford

    mrantifun and wemod

    Cracks in the WeMod model and why it fails, epically. I loved the old Mr. Antifun, he would come out with trainers well before CheatHappens, did not charge for them (unlike CH), or any of the features contained therein, and kept them relatively up-to-date without charge (unlike CH). No charge...
  7. Ken Bassford

    Pax Nova

  8. Ken Bassford

    [REQ] Interstellar Space: Genesis

    +1 (Those scum at Cheat Happens have one, don't know if it works as I refuse to patronize them. Most of their crap doesn't work, or are stolen from their creators.)
  9. Ken Bassford

    Oriental Empires Trainer

    +1 please. Thanks in advance.
  10. Ken Bassford

    [Req] Stellar Monarch

  11. Ken Bassford

    Endless Space 2 - V 0.3.7 S2 BETA-Public

    Nevermind, found the trainer, while being stubborn at activation, did activate the dev GUI, which is now fully functional.
  12. Ken Bassford

    Endless Space 2 - V 0.3.7 S2 BETA-Public

    Hi Mr. Antifun, I hate to be the bearer of bad news since you just updated the trainer for the last version not too long ago, but they just updated the game to Beta and that broke the current trainer. :( Please update when you get the chance. Thank You
  13. Ken Bassford

    Endless Space 2 Trainer

    Arrrgh! Just after I installed your updated trainer and started the game it updated to a new beta version. Good news, looks like the beta fixed some of the bug in the game, bad news, your trainer does not work with the updated application. :(
  14. Ken Bassford

    Endless Space 2 Trainer

    Hi Mr. Antifun, Thank you for updating the trainer. Unfortunately it appears the devs disabled the "Gameplay" portion of the Developers GUI in this build. Clicking on gameplay produces the following ... [Unity] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object...
  15. Ken Bassford

    Endless Space 2 Trainer

    Please update when you get the chance. Thanks in advance.
  16. Ken Bassford

    Master of Orion Trainer

    49.4 1.2.31113W64S (Released 9/15/2016 16:06) is current version. Most recent trainer does not work :(
  17. Ken Bassford

    Polaris Sector Trainer

    OBE now. Patch 1.03 out. Great chance to fix the trainer and add some of the stuff from the Cheat Engine tables (once they are also updated, of course)!
  18. Ken Bassford

    Polaris Sector Trainer

    No apology needed.
  19. Ken Bassford

    Polaris Sector Trainer

    dartvalerii is basically restating two of the points I covered earlier. The (infinite) resources is not working and the research works for everyone (i.e. AI too). (Rough translation with grammatical corrections and filling in the blanks.)
  20. Ken Bassford

    Polaris Sector Trainer

    Wow! If we could just combine the cheat engine table with the infinite movement we'd be pretty much set, though any additions would be great.