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  1. Dr. Shpritz

    Synthetik Trainer

    Pls Update! Current version of game is 17 UPDATE. Game version is 19.1
  2. Dr. Shpritz

    Fallout New Vegas

    Dear Mr. Antifun! Can you rework the trainer and add a few new options? 1. ideal weapon/suit condition, 2. rework option "infinite ammo" without "no reload", 3. Infinite Caps (e.g. 500,000). And upgrade to last steam version. Very Thanks!
  3. Dr. Shpritz

    BioShock 2

    Please, make a trainer. ingame vervion file version thanks
  4. Dr. Shpritz

    Xcom enemy unknown and enemy within

    Please, make a trainer for file versions: EU -, version EW - thanks